Beginners Level 1 Belly Dance

Beginners Level 1 Belly Dance

Beginners Level 1 Belly Dance

Beginners Level 1 Belly Dance

today we discuss the belly dance move for beginners

Many people think belly dancing moves are difficult, but, in fact, they’re completely natural. For most women, the main obstacle to moving their hips like a belly dancer is mental, not physical. It’s wonderful to see the look on their face when the penny drops…

Belly Dance as Exercise

If you’re attracted to belly dance as a way to get fit and toned, then you need to be aware that beginner-level belly dancing probably won’t achieve your goal (unless you are very unfit and need a particularly gentle introduction to exercise).

Many instructors teach beginner students how to achieve the hip movements using the legs, and don’t explain the abdominal moves until much later, so you won’t achieve a toned tummy. Travelling steps may also be kept for more advanced levels, so there isn’t much cardio work in a typical beginners’ class.

advising you not to teach yourself. Unless you’re already an experienced dancer in another genre, you won’t be aware of the mistakes you’re making and you’re likely to teach yourself a lot of bad habits. There’s no substitute for a teacher who can actually see your body and pick up on bad posture or misalignment. You would make progress so much faster. It doesn’t have to be in person – there are several instructors who will teach via Skype, for instance. However, that’s still more expensive than buying a DVD and doing it yourself, and your budget may not stretch

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